Kristoffer Li
+31 (0)6 57 81 71 40 (NL) or +45 29 70 73 05 (DK)
Bankastraat 10-2, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(Graphic Design)
(Photographs of this and that)
"One Hand and the Other". There's a hand and there's another and then there is the other. Echoes of year-old sunlight exposing hand gestures, a soft shadow against changing background. With Emil Salto, available through Cornerkiosk. (2014)
Website invitation for the 10 years anniversary party of the Danish DJ collective, Pladevennerne ("The Record Friends") — a motley crew of 12 friends with individual styles of self-portraits, but a shared love of music. Site live here (2014)

A presentation and interpretation of the Wellcome image library. (2014)
American (cinematic) culture investigated through the French movie "Breathless" (1960) by Jean-Luc Godard and it's 1983 U.S. remake. (2014)

Based on Wassily Kandinsky's Diagram #23 and found SketchUp models of classic sculptures, this book seeks to explore the concept of translation, the autonomous life of artworks and the circular movement of abstract to figurative art throughout history. (2014)

Hand Held Heart is a research into the role of the contemporary graphic designer. Through essays, interviews, photographs and 3d illustrations, the book investigates the graphic designer in it's possible diverse role as author, printer, publisher and distributor. (2013)

From Hand Held Heart. (2013)

Art direction of the album "Infinity Pool" by Copenhagen based electro-pop band When Saints Go Machine. (2013)
Pong-Pong is an autonomous game developed for the Werker Radical Sports Centre, broadcasted live at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie through commentary and via the internet. (2013)
Posters announcing the Pong-Pong matches. (2013)

What would happen if we were to tour the world in the footsteps of Ulysses today? These are the hotel rooms of the Odyssey. (2013)
Poster announcing the second Facemelter party in the Copenhagen Meatpacking district. (2013)
Visual identity/propaganda campaign for the art project "Dark Hour" by Yeb Wiersma and Lotte Geeven. Realized with/for Adriaan Mellegers during my internship with him. (2013)
Poster for the book "La Nausée" (Nausea) by Jean-Paul Sartre. (2012)

An exploration of the materiality of the Bitcoin and the letter. Typeface designed specifically for use in the video. (2013)

Looking at destruction as a form of creation. Realized with Clemens Piontek. (2013)

Poster for the short film Palma, about a young thug unable to break old habits. (2012)
An experiment on genealogy conducted with Reinhard Schmidt. (2012)
The picture for the month of October for the 2013 ECAL Calendar. Printed in duotone offset at ECAL, 2012. Realized with Charles-Antoine Chappuis and Céline Pugin. (2012)
Hello! I am a third year graphic design student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have also studied at the ÉCAL in Lausanne, Switzerland as an exchange student and at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark, from which I obtained a BA in Graphic Design. Feel free to contact me with any form of inquiries, and thank you very much for stopping by.

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